Rocher De Miglos – The 15km Hike That Kept on Giving

Rocher De Miglos (Rock of Miglos) was a walk taking me up to 1700m and a distance of roughly 15km in total. It was early March and this meant perfect hiking weather in the south of france. Temps hovering around 18c with perfectly clouded skies and sharp piercing mountains with blankets of snow, my camera had a heavy day!

mountain climbing adventure paths

I’ve never been one to follow the path, how tedious it is to walk in the safety of others, like being on an escalator! It’s always more fun making your own way.

valley in france mountains

The walk up to Rocher De Miglos offered many unwalked paths (OK maybe not over the duration of the last 25 million years since the Pyrenees were formed) but you get my point.

snow capped mountains france

The hike up offered views to all of the villages I had been to previously, Surba, Norgeat, Saurat, Miglos and more, as well as bonus views of Orus and Auzat (2 towns I would soon be visiting).

snow capped mountains france

mountains and valleys in france

Norgeat village Ariege Miglos Mountain Climbing france

Norgeat hides away at the bottom of the Vicdessos Valley, so cute!

dusty walig path for adventure in france

These are the best types of walking paths!

big mountain views in france

This is what 25 million old years looks like!

black and white mountains

clouds rolling in over mountains in france dramatic

Dramatic clouds!

sunset over mountains in france

Always, always… Take the unwalked path!

big mountains in france

I was simply blown away by the sheer beauty of the place. The little zig zag line on the right hand side of that facing mountain is the dirt road up to Lapege, which takes 12 minutes to drive from top to bottom belive it or not.

dramatic skies over mountains in france


All photography by Kano Kane of The Rebelism.