Miglos oh Miglos.

Miglos, a village of around 50 stone built houses, an 800 year old church and some of the nicest people you could wish to meet. It is a small town in the Ariege Department in Southwestern France and sits at the end of the Vicdessos Valley.

old village smoking chimney

I spent a good 4 days here, and despite being relatively small, I was able to settle in comfortably like a local for my time there, parking in the small but large beautiful town square with its very own Roman fountain with an endless supply of freezing cold fresh melting mountain water.

roman church culture

The town sat at around 500m so was not as cold as the previous villages in this area (though still considerably high in comparison), hitting low twenties through the day with equally cool nights.

old roman church miglos

The town really is quite photographic, and this was largely why I stayed there for a seemingly long time. I was rewarded a two-for-one by walking around both morning and evening, seeing how the light was able to transform both sides of every small street and building.

sunlight and chairs in france

It was perhaps the time of year also which gave me the results you see here, low hanging sun, sharp, cold but somehow diffusing, gave me a really nice light to play with.

old wooden chairs in church

Inside the old roman church which dates back to the 13th century. The light was unreal!

church window sunlight

little dog in french town

This is Miglo of Miglos.

old roodtop village france

camoflague tree france

Light to die for!

rees and window on house still life

Still life at its best!

biblical scenes on house

Biblical proportions.

narrow streets in france

roman church in miglos france

This is what 800 years old looks like! Pretty nice!

old buildings in france

vw campervan in france

Home is where you park it, and all that.

Old town Miglos Village

Miglos from the hills.

book reading in the wind

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. Highly recomended.

mountains and tea drinks

The mountains I would drive to after Migos.

man reading book in sunlight

Keeping up with current affairs.

cup of tea in vw campervan

What more could one ask for. Sipping tea at sunset on the edge of Miglos.

sunset on mountains

The Universe Steps in

On the last day, for some reason, unbeknownst to me, my perfectly working phone charger stopped working. All morning, from 7am to 12pm I was getting nothing, I left the phone plugged in and by 12pm realised I needed it for map navigation to get the mountains 25km away. I remembered Gizella and the house she walked back into on that first day in Miglos, so put my luck on the table and knocked on. Of course she said I could charge my phone in her house and the second I opened the van door to retrieve the phone it turned on in front of me, the universe had worked its magic!

Back in her house, she asked if I had got any good shots and if I would like to show her, so invited me in and she seemed pretty impressed and was keen to paint some of them for an exhibition she is holding in the church in August 2019. We chatted along with her husband for a good hour or more about the town, art and life in general. Over the four days there I had the urge to knock on and ask her if she would like a folder with the images of Miglos, but for some reason was not able to get the courage or time up to do it, so the all mighty stepped in and made it happen. A lot was learned from that moment onwards, mainly that opportunity and risk equal reward. I don’t think I will be able to make it to the exhibition now but will be waiting for an email to tell me how well her paintings were received.

I left with a fully charged phone and drove a very happy 25km to the mountains.

painting of old village miglos france

A painting of Miglos by Gizella.


All photography by Kano Kane of The Rebelism.