Lapège – The Midi-Pyrenees Village 1000m High

As you might have read in the Surba village post, I was hooked on Tarascon-sur-Ariège, which is a small but large area housing a quite a number of ancient towns up and down the many mountains, hills and valleys. The total area of Tarascon-sur-Ariège covers some a moderate  8sqkm of total land area, and houses quite a number of satellite villages, all totally unique and distinctive in their own way.

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So, Lapège…

Lapège village vanlife eLapège village vanlife exploring france ariege old town THE REBELISM xploring france ariege old townREBELISM BLOG

I got told 1 week after I left Lapège that it was actually one of the older towns in the Tarascon region, I am unsure of the dates but it was clear that after staying there for 3 days that there was something truly special about this place.

Mountain photography Lapège village france ariege old town THE REBELISM BLOG

Lapège is home to no more than 30 inhabitants, of which I only spotted 8 or so, and got speaking to 3, and due to my sheer inability to pronounce my French properly, communication was usually limited to few correctly pronounced words and hand signs.

Vanlife coffee tea Lapège village france ariege old town THE REBELISM BLOG

The temps were hitting no more than 7c at 991m above sea level, so having the van door open was a brief affair.

Vanlife mountain ski village Lapège village france ariege old town THE REBELISM BLOG

Timeless and more timeless!

old building roof THE REBELISM BLOG

The definition of wabi-sabi! Old wooden roof structure in Lapege.

sunset over lapege and old roof the rebelism

I viewed this town from Lapege and decided I would go and check it out, it didn’t look like much but this was Miglos, I would soon find out what was so special.

mountains in south france lapege ariege

Mountains always calling me. I ended up walking up some of these as you will see in future posts.

making cup of tea from van vanlife south france mountains

Tea from the safety of the van!

jeep car in lapege france mountain life ariege the rebelism

Potentially quite difficult to capture Lapege with photographs. It was more of a feeling than a thing to capture, it has been difficult to express with words also, but here you go.


All photography by Kano Kane of The Rebelism.