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Rocher De Miglos (Rock of Miglos) was a walk taking me up to 1700m and a distance of roughly 15km in total. It was early March and this meant perfect hiking weather in the south of france. Temps hovering around 18c with perfectly clouded skies and sharp piercing mountains with blankets of snow, my camera had a heavy day! I’ve never been one to follow the path, how tedious it is to walk in the safety of others, like being ...


July 02, 2019

Miglos oh Miglos.

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Miglos, a village of around 50 stone built houses, an 800 year old church and some of the nicest people you could wish to meet. It is a small town in the Ariege Department in Southwestern France and sits at the end of the Vicdessos Valley. I spent a good 4 days here, and despite being relatively small, I was able to settle in comfortably like a local for my time there, parking in the small but large beautiful town square ...


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Norgeat was a very small town 5km from Miglos, and while it looked rather unimpressive, it still offered something different to all the other small villages I was taking in. This was by far the most remote to date, in fact a world away from where I had left. You can imagine this is how it looked 100 or 200 years ago, apart from the few old cars dotted around, I would say that would be a rough estimation of its age. There ...


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Roc De Querqueou was the summit which was seen from Lapège and at 1800m up it should have been relatively simple enough, considering Lapège was already 900m up. This was definitely a nice taste of things to come, temps were around 20c with a cool wind blowing in for comfort. The path on the map looked straight forward, as they always do, using maps.me for offroad walking probably wasn’t the best idea though as there were ...


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As you might have read in the Surba village post, I was hooked on Tarascon-sur-Ariège, which is a small but large area housing a quite a number of ancient towns up and down the many mountains, hills and valleys. The total area of Tarascon-sur-Ariège covers some a moderate  8sqkm of total land area, and houses quite a number of satellite villages, all totally unique and distinctive in their own way. So, Lapège… I ...


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Étang d'Artax was the first real hike I had in France, it had it all. Nature, mountains, all the raw elements you could ask for and a few scary moments to add in also. It is a mountain lake that sits around 1800m above sea level, and during the February months past 1300m you needed your snow rackets, of which I did not bring. Silly mistake. With 10kms to cover, 60% of it in snow I learned a lesson here for ...